Secretos (Secrets)

I save and recycle everything!  I’ve collected many paper towel rolls hoping to make a book from them.  I’ve seen them used for photo albums but I wanted to make a book that showed the material off more and also looked like a antique.   


–          14 rolls of toilet paper (flattened and cut on one side)

–          Brown fabric tape

–          Tassel

–          Ribbon

–          Door handle embellishments


I put all the paper rolls together in a stack. I then made 6 holes on one side and sewed the pages together with wire.  Then I covered this side with fabric tape, attached the handle and made the belts with the fabric tape.  Because the book was bulky I used magnets to hold the book closed.  They are hidden under the straps.

I fashioned a book mark with a tassel, adding some scrap paper with the word “secretos” stamped on it.


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