Self-Porttrait: Bobbi Baugh

12"w X 14.5"h  Acrylic paints on canvas, collaged fabrics and paper, with machine stitching. Multi-color fabric border and cloth backing.
ABOUT THE PIECE:  Creating a collaged self-portrait allowed me to experiment with describing myself in various ways: a painted likeness, a color palette expressing vitality and energy, and original text. I love to include text in my collages. I believe it draws the viewer into the work. (When you see words, you just can't help reading them!) The text I wrote is repeated in the figure's clothing and on the work table; it describes a time of self-discovery form my childhood:   "Barbara is the name that was given to me by my parents. But Bobbi is the name I gave myself. In fifth grade, girls were coming up with nicknames. It was a fad, and most of them were short-lived. But Bobbi seemed to fit. And now it is how I think of myself, who I am. Those things we do when we are young define ourselves and change us in ways that last forever."


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