Shawnee, OH.

"Shawnee" is a combination of wood, a variety of metal including sewing machine attachments, thread spools, paper, jeans, courduroy pants, a flannel shirt,  roofing shingles, buttons, a chicken bone, boot laces, plumbing parts, an antique drawer front, part of a shipping crate, and acrylic paint.  The drawer opens and contains a removalble piece of wood with a poem on it that reflects my experience of painting two murals with the residents of a struggling coal town, Shawnee, OH.  The peice is approximately 45 inches wide and tall.


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3 thoughts on “Shawnee, OH.

  1. Thanks, for sharing.  I have really enjoyed looking at all the work submitted for this event as well as receiving thoughtful feedback like your’s.  Shawnee was a very moving place to work.  So many kids just soaked up the creative experience like sponges and yet that enthusiasm and eagerness to share and learn was juxtaposed so strangely, disturbingly even when I’d learn such that a young mother was performing sexual favors at a nearby bar in exchange for drinks and thinking of the painter across the street (me, who she’d never met) as “the babysitter.”  It remains an experience that is hard to dismiss, hard not to think about long and hard.


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