"Sherry", a womanly ode to wine

"Sherry" is a clothing mannequin, collaged and embellished with wine-related colors and images. I started with an upper torso bust and painted it a pale skin tone with thinned acrylic paint and gesso. I gathered wine images from magazines and cut grapes from green and purple papers etc. I began collaging them on around the lower torso, starting with a row of wine bottles and filling in with grapes, vineyard rows, glasses and so on. I kept collaging up and over the shoulders, forming the straps. Once the collaging was completed, I wrote words on the remaining skin with black ink and gold gel pen that describe both wine and women–words like "sweet", "round", "full-bodied" and so on. I once did a watercolor painting called "Parallels" using the same concept of similiarities between wine and women.

You can see "Parallels" and more of my work on my blog or on my Facebook Fan page, "Mixed Messages" by Kathleen Mattox.


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