Soul Survivor Music Box

Made from found objects salvaged from Hurricane Katrina, "Soul Survivor" has a fresh face and a new perspective.  The music box plays "Over the Rainbow", the fan helps to clear the air, and the yardstick measures 5 years' progress.

After five years, found objects still abound from a flooded studio and neighborhood.  The doll was part of a treasured collection, and although her dress is stained and torn, it's clean now.  A wooden box for long lost silverware holds the remnants of a piano, also lost, but still useful in a new setting.  A plate hanger minus its broken plate serves as a frame, representing a flower or the nurturing sun.

This piece is an optimistic altar to our community and its promise for a better tomorrow.  By adding a working music box mechanism I try to add another dimension to the assemblage process.  My mixed media pieces also function as multimedia objects which engage the viewer through sight and sound.

Dimensions: 26" H, 16" W, 6" D Hangs on wall or stands alone.


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