Spirit Dancers #27

Spirit Dancers #27 is part of a series of Spirit Dancers mixed media pieces.  The underlying theme of the series is the interdependence that women share as we go through our journeys.  This particular piece is pink to honor the women who have battled breast cancer and won, and give tribute to the ones who have lost the battle.  The back  ground includes fabric with pink ribbons as well as many different specialty papers.  The figures  are connected to each other.  Words such as "mother,daughter, sister,friend," "hope," "faith," "love," are scattered throughout the painting.

It has particular meaning to me, since my  mother is one of the women who lost this battle, and I am still fighting the battle.  My sisters and I have walked in the Komen 2-Day Walk, the Avon 2-Day Walk,  and   many local walks to raise funds for breast cancer research.

This piece was donated to a local fundraiser for their silent auction.

Many blessings…



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