"Spirit House"

“Spirit House” – Where does your creative spirit live?  An exhibit of folk art houses made from scrap materials inspired me to explore where my spirit might live if it had a “house.”  Watercolor and various other papers, acrylic paint washes, machine and hand stitching, foam core, printed text, original clay embellishments.  In stained wooden frame.



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5 thoughts on “"Spirit House"

  1. Can I come to play in your house? I LOVE the concept of having a spirit house, as different group throughout history from paleolithic man and the ancient Egyptians to the more modern day mausoleums of the wealthy have built places for their souls to reside. Still, I rather go play where “Dreams Inside” is being advertised. Great concept!

  2. Nancy – You can come play at my house any time!!  I have been doing a series of clay spirit houses, wild with texture, and this one just blossomed while I was working on the submissions for the Artisan search.  It was SO much fun to do.  I love that you got the connection with soul houses which for me transformed into spirit houses….


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