Stand Alone – Mixed Media Collage

Stand Alone is a torn paper and mixed media collage on a 16" x 20 canvas board.

"Sometimes we must stand alone in the world …. and be okay with it". My daughter asked me for a quote one day and this quote was created as I have felt this way for most of my life. I chose to depict the quote using a tall palm tree…they ust stand alone in the world in all of their glory… they give me the courage to stand alone when I need to and most importantly to be okay with it….

I coated with canvas board with black gesso, used magazine pages to create the sun, tree, grasses and birds. Bought paper was also used and course pumice gel created the sand. I painted the color in with acrylics.

Stand Alone detail 1

Detail 1


Stand Alone - Detail 2

Detail 2


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