Start Smart With Art

This piece is an assemblage, of a toaster, jam, and of course, artisan bread with colorful art on each slice of bread to get your day started right.


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16 thoughts on “Start Smart With Art

  1. This is my favortie entry!!! The attention to detail is incredible!  It obviously has something on every piece of toast and I would love the chance to see and read each piece.  The set up of it is just perfect, right down to the bread wrapper. 

  2. I love the complete composition of this work!! Color, texture, line, movement, balance, lively, and fun. I think the title should be “tart your day with a smile”! Very skillfully composed…kudos!!

  3. Best piece of work from you in this category yet.  Each piece is an artwork unto itself and could stand apart from the others, but brought together into a context such as this is amazing.


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