Steampunk Antique Pocket Watch Earrings

"Twin silvery moons shone like diamonds…….upon the residents of the Gearworks District…."


A pair of rare moon shaped antique pocket watch plates were used in the design of these classic yet whimsical ear ornaments. I used beautiful hand forged brass ear wires for a classic look.

Wheels, gears and cogs were added for further drama and tiny swarovski crystals give even more dazzle. Copper ear wires were added along with a large "gear" baubles.

These one of a kind ear adornments measure 2 1/2" long (3" with the ear wires) and a little over 1/4" wide.

They will cause your friends to "oohhh and ahhhh" and I hasten to say they might even be a wee bit covetous!

Each and every piece in my jewelry line has been meticulously designed and created in such a way as to last for years to come.

All finery will arrive in a handsome be-ribboned gift box making it the perfect remembrance for friends and loved ones alike.

Shipping costs always include insurance.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any and all questions and comments. Your satisfaction is my highest priority.

Faithfully yours,


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