Sticks stones and broken bones overall

awonderful distressed weathered s=root started this adventure of a mixed media textil book – along with my collection of found goodies collected on mty gathering walks;  a stick, bird wing, shell, newsprint, crumpled aluminum foil, skeletal leaf , scraps of paper, fabric, thread and fibers from my sewing room and a bone and a stone. 

The front of the book features hand dyed muslin and discharged black Kona cotton.  Hand stitched using the back are words of a familiar  – Stick and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me.  Remember that.  The discharged strip has hand stitched "X" all down the strip as if to say, "NOT".  The skeletal drawing is transfeerred to a transparency and attatched to muslin and then accented with placed snake bones on the vertabre.

The most fun of this book is the root.   I sawed it off with the help of the resturant owner the tree belonged to.  I had it cut in half.  I had such a wonderful shape and lots of holes – holes for the stones.   The stones were secured with hand needlelace, reised chain and knotless netting stitches in and around the nooks and crannies of the root and was finally attatched to the spine with a coptic binding.


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