I have witnessed the terrifying effects of *** cancer and other female cancers, and am amazed how STRONG a woman becomes – in ways she may never have thought possible. Although physical strength may be challenged, what often guides her are a strong support system, strong faith, strong conviction in the power of healing.  This is a tribute to these women who remain STRONG in their crusade.
I have hand-dyed all the vintage fabric that makes up the collage.  It is adhered to an 8X8" canvas using antique tacks, and the sides are also covered with the fabric.  Free motion stitching emulates grass.  Look closely – there are bra parts incorporated into this piece!  The yellow handle is a cloth-covered under wire.  The borders on the top and bottom of the collage are hand-dyed bra straps, and the banner with the word "strong" is held onto the canvas with bra strap adjuster slides, which are hand-sewn onto the piece.  Under some of the fabric flowers are circles of tulle.   The colors are much more vibrant than in my photo. :o)


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