Swatton, Orange Cruciform

_Orange Cruciform_ is a 20"X16" mixed-media collage.   Using acrylic paints, I covered watercolor paper with successive glazes of warm colors, orange-dominant.  After that dried, I added a layer of cool greens and blues; quickly, while this layer was still wet, I splashed the surface with rubbing alcohol.  Next I added more texture using several homemade stamps brayer-coated with semi-opaque acrylic paints.  I then used the same stamps, with assorted acrylic paints, to alter translucent medium-weight mulberry paper.  After cutting these papers into various shapes, I collaged them onto the substrate with acrylic gloss gel.  I also added pieces of ultra-sheer white mulberry paper.  Watercolor pencils were used to add fine details. 






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