Take Your Medicine

Assemblage, 13"H, 13"W, 9.5" D.  An old aspirin display tin showcases acrylic- painted original tintypes, vintage bottles, doll cup and saucer, tin letter "M", button card, tin boxes and wood ornament. Rusty blue'dumpster' find of metal added to case.


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8 thoughts on “Take Your Medicine

  1. I love art that begs to tell a story, and this does just that! All the details add to the mysterious and seemingly historic quality of the piece.

  2. I really like the uniqueness of your work. (Looked at four)   I’ve seen a lot of shrines & icons but yours really stand out.  Your work has its own energy.  Reminds me of how Jasper Johns early work has a lot of energy.  Thank you for sharing. Colorplash, Sue

  3. LOVE the aged look that you gave to this piece. You must have quite a collection of interesting bits of frou-frou and ephemera. I used to embarrass my ex-husband by picking up ‘treasures” up off the street, but I’d bet you’ve got a cooler stash than I do…:)



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