Talisman represents a magical trip to Santa Fe and the Southwest in June of this  year. When I returned from the trip, I assembled the fibers and yarns, added a  special stick that wanted to be a part of the project (!) and beads. Then I used  another mini collage with tea bags and paper and fabric I'd painted earlier this  year, stitched it all together and attached it to a canvas I textured and  painted. I love stitching fiber art onto canvas - this one is attached with a  few beads.

Talisman is a fiber piece stitched onto a recycled canvas that is 9.5 inches square by 1.15 inches deep.    



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16 thoughts on “Talisman

  1. Thanks so much! I feel like I’ve accomplished what I needed to do just by posting artwork in this Artisan Search. The outcome no longer matters…. it’s about sharing my work and experiencing other people’s creativity in this wonderful setting!!!!

    Thea : )



  2. Your comment about accomplishing what you needed to do is the way I feel about it too. Getting the art up here–out there!–was an exciting challenge. Seeing the variety of pieces and techniques has been inspiring and I’m really happy I pushed myself to participate.

  3. OO-O-h! LOVE the use of textures and details. Also, very clever treatment of the surface extending over on to the edge of the canvas. How did you get the lines that go over the edge of the canvas on the first detail shot..corrugated cardboard? Today this piece is showing up right next to mine “Heart Tribe” and how perfect is that? Early on in my art career, I declared myself to be a tribe of one…the NeMaS people, based on my inititals. That way I could be an oppressed people and get more recognition for my work. At the time, in the early 80s, my work was “too ethnic” to show in major galleries. Hurray for us that concepts like that are long gone!

  4. Thanks for all your wonderful comments – I really appreciate knowing that others like what I did with this piece.

    Nancy – Yes, it’s corrugated cardboard wrapped around the edge. I used Gel Medium to attach several scraps of corrugated cardboard to the canvas, wrapping several over the edge, then gessoed and textured other areas with Golden Fiber Paste medium. After that, I started layering paint until I was happy with the surface colors.

    Thea : )


  5. Thea: Another beautiful piece. It does remind me of Santa Fe (one of my favorite places). You did a wonderful job with all those layers of texture. I’m a collector of sticks, twigs and leaves…and driftwood and shells…and rocks…you get the idea. I have a feeling you’re a nature collector, too. Love the detail shot showing all the fibers, beads, papers and stitches. Bravo! Marijoe


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