Tela, Papel y Tijeras

Tela, Papel y Tijeras :  A Magazine Themed Cameo Book

Recently I’ve been fascinated with cameos and I wanted to make a book incorporating my new obsession.  I also like to draw hands.  I translated and used the magazine title for my theme.


–          6 cardboard (I used recycled boxes)

–          Ribbon scraps

–          Embellishments

–          3 mini hinges


First, I cut 6 ovals and drew hands as if they were holding the materials.  Then I made the fabric roll by rolling a small piece of card stock and using a fat scrap ribbon. Another paper roll tied with gold ribbon was used on the second page.  For the next page I stamped, cut and glued the scissors.  Finally I stamped the words “Tela, Papel Tijeras” on a scrap of card stock, tore and distressed the edges. Then I stitched the border with red thread.   I trimmed the ovals with ribbon after attaching the hinges.  The front and back of this book are covered with additional ovals.

 The Cameo

I drew the woman on the cover and tied a necklace made with wool stripping and an earring. I embellished the borders with half pearls to enhance the cameo appearance.  I added gold ribbon on the cover and back.


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