One thought on “the december doll

  1. This doll was inspired by a quote from the book, “The Eight Cousins” by Louisa M. Alcott.  I snipped a bit of the text and affixed it to her front.  The text reads, “I haven’t begun to show my oddities yet”.  My imagination reeled when I knew that snippet of text would be the jumping off point for an art doll.  I used bits of things found on my work table to construct her.   Once I found the florists tube and the antique doll head  the rest of the doll just came together.  She lived for months without a home on my work table.  I dug out an old crayon box and filled it with bits a bobs of things that were either autobiographical or items that I am drawn to.  This box became her home.  Her name came from two bits of paper which were glued down next to each other. The word, December,  was from a calendar, and the word, doll, was from an image copied from one of my favorite childhood books.  She does seem to be a bit tickled to be the december doll as she giggles into her hand.


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