The December Doll

The December Doll is a bit autobiographical.  She celebrates personal likes that are often thought of as quirky, odd and difficult.  The doll is made from a discarded florists tube, springs, and an antique doll head, wire, stamped images, pattern tissue, and bits of calendar pages.  There are barbie shoes, a plastic snake, bits of old jewelery, beads, and photocopies of images from a book I read as a baby.  She resides in an old crayon box that I painted and distressed.  She was inspired by a quote from "The Eight Cousins," a book written by Lousia M. Alcott.  The snippet of text reads; "I haven't begun to show my oddities yet".  I attached the text snippet to her front and she does seem quite tickeled by this whole business of being the December Doll.


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