"the (enigma) of everything" by hope hayes thomas

here is a "door" into the (enigma) of everything.  it is a collage/assemblage consisting of:  recycled paper out of an old warehouse in Guatemala. a photograph i took & developed as a self-portrait while attending LSU.  recycled metal junk found on the streets while roaming. a billion layers of resin. acrylic paint. black sand from the Pacific Ocean in Guatemala. bible verses cut out from a discarded bible found in the dumpster of an old warehouse in down town Atlanta. an acorn from an oak tree off the land i grew up on as a child in Alabama. a purchased plastic horse gracefully painted in (pearl) with rusted wings.  fresh water pearls.

*** i had a vision of riding bareback on an untamed hoarse through the forest of nowhere-in-particular but full of myself…HOPE.  i love how dreamy it feels when i look at this piece to see how beautiful the "song" (or completed collage/assemblage) is when all of the paper layered… almost floating… along side found objects of rust and metal and cloth heading for the landfills.  the resin becomes the base line holding everything in tune.  (proud parent 😉  


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