"The Impossible Dream"


I created this piece by soaking muslin fabric in white, black, and blue-grey paint and laying them over the board. Arranging them in a vortex around a center image I painted the surface further by flicking paint to create a splatter effect and also dipped my fingers in paint to create long streaks and lines. Absolutely critical to me was to invent a sense of movement to the piece, allowing the eye to track along and into the center. The figures are cutouts from pictures I took in Seattle, edited in photoshop and painted with metallic finish to create a luminescent look. They're mounted on backing used in picture matting to elevate them off the surface just a bit. Their downtrodden body language speaks to a life centered on a life that is supposed to start after retirement and certainly not before.  Finally in the center is the image of an old judge viewing the figures with a knowing gaze, as if he too was just like them at some point. 


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