The King! Day of the dead shrine

Shrine made using a wooden box mounted on a cigar box. The small box on the front opens to reveal a pair of blue suede shoes made of clay and a small wood "hound" dog. The mirror on top is one I used to carry in my purse. This mirror became the starting point for the assemblage. I became fascinated with these shrines when I went to mexico for Day of the Dead. The idea of making something to honor and remember those who are no longer on earth is a wonderful idea.

The back of the shrine is decorated with a statue of the Virgin Mary , red crepe paper and small "offerings" of flowers, food, and items related to the person you are honoring. Day of the Dead is a special day to tell about your loved one and share his life.

The skeletons are from Oaxaca, Mexico. 

So for now, Elvis has not left the building, he is here with me!


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