The Monkey Grinder’s Alchemy

Base of Cuff:
This piece was created with a soft piece of brown cotton twill with the edges fringed. Another layer of beige twill was added along with a piece of textured tan fabric. Across all of these is a piece of dark, rich brown textured leather. The same leather was used to attach the elastic band closure. All of these layers are stitched throughout with intersecting stitches of various patterns. Underneath the focal portion of this cuff is a large piece of copper mesh that is held down by the various focal pieces as well as the genuine leather that is used to create pockets for the vials.

Specs (approx.): Band – 12" long x 4-1/2" in width.

Focals and Details:
The center portion is  a large section of brown leather that backs the glass vials. The same leather is stitched to the top that creates the pockets for the vials and small tin. Some of the vials are numbered and contain the original metal parts from another era of watch making. The tin is empty and fully usable for whatever suits your imagination. To the right of the vials and tin is an antique skeleton key that serves as the hook for the opposing elastic band that is the closure. Beneath the vials are an array of hand hammered copper wire that frame a large brass gear from an antique clock and a smaller gear and vintage button. From one of the wires dangles a thick, high quality vintage copper charm with a moon and star. On the left is another brass gear and button, and beneath them is a silver watch plate on which is mounted a big clock spring that looks as though it is being held by a curious brass monkey finding.


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11 thoughts on “The Monkey Grinder’s Alchemy

  1. This is just too cool. Love it. The hammered wire and so many different fibers! oh thrills my senses. Also love the wire in the background is that crocheted?


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