The Old Garden Gate

The Old Garden Gate is a mixed media art piece inspired by my childhood. One of my favorite stories was "The Secret Garden" and the time forgotten overgrown garden always seemed like a magical place to me.  This piece incorporates many layers of hand stitched fibers, hand dyed antique and vintage linens, rusted elements, tattered pearls, an antique photo, drift wood, antique heater grate as well as several other old elements.

Each rosette was individually hand stitched and created with torn strips of fabric, each layered fabric element was chosen and placed to create the feel of an overgrown garden lost to the ages, just as the identity of this family has been lost to the ages. They reside now in this magical place and wait to be remembered.

A title cut from the pages of an antique poem book adds the caption "Waiting by the gate" Crackle paint was added and then Distress inked to give the look of age.





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4 thoughts on “The Old Garden Gate

  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful art.  I immediately went to the “garden gate”  and my mind was filled with vivid memories of my forgotten place…out by the start of the road.  This must have been fun to create as you were able to kindle many fun past times.  Now I want to capture these also.




  2. Lovely piece of work, very impressed with your workmanship. I have added it to my favourites.

    I am curious though as to how you make your roses. Do you do this by winding up a curly ‘circle’ of fabric? I ask because I although I make alot of flowers in fabrics (photo’s not uploaded on CPS) I just cannot seem to get the hang of this technique.


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