The Raven and the Witch – mixed-media canvas

In polish language the word Wiedźma (the witch or the hag) means a woman, who has knowledge – but the serious Knowledge: a bit mistical, a bit medical – knowlega about the nature, the palnts and animals – and human nature too! In the past the name beeing the witch meant to have big respect from others… but now witches are thought to be rather bad sorceresses playing with black magic than the persons they were in fact. Today there are still some ladies in Poland considered to be witch-doctors. But in my opinion – some of us, ladies, still has a real Witch inside… 😉

Supplies: Canvas, acrylic paint, gauze , laces, net, napkin elements, liquid beads. Glimmer Mits: Slate, Candy Apple Red, Rum Raisin, Midnight Blue. Prima flowers and swirls, cristal centers. Metal & found objects from my collection – all inked with alcohol inks.


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