The Sum is Greater Than the Parts

The Sum Is Greater Detail 2

The Sum Is Greater Detail 1

This is a personal piece.  It's many small quilts, each one about me in some way.  Each tiny quilt tells a story.  Together they create a profile of who I am.  The quilt is quite heavy because it is held together by a network of beads.  

The two detail images I've spotlighted: 

"He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not" — Each petal of the flower alternates with a real-life example of how he loves me or of how he loves me not.

"I Want 2 Kids" — the number and words are stamped with paint.  The tiny dolls are wired so that their limbs are "pose-able."  You can just see the blue bread tag that holds the imaginary future child's name.


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5 thoughts on “The Sum is Greater Than the Parts

  1. I love this!!!!! Working with small pieces, then figuring out how to join them together is way cool. Very expressive and heartfelt.

    (By the way, I love your CPS video also – I’m a fan!)

  2. Julie–this is GREAT!! I love all your work, and the videos are very inspiring, too! This personal “art-quilt” has made me want to do something similar…Hmmm…now I’m thinking, which is why I love you so much! You get my creativity juice flowing!  😉 Thanks so much; this is the best art piece I’ve seen in a long while!!



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