Time is one of my very favorite pieces I've done.  I loved the colors and the "oldness" and the rusty feel it ended up having.  I have made this piece in an 8×10 acrylic frame (pulled out the box piece inside that holds the photo for future use).  It is on canvas boards – the background is torn scrapbook paper and the smaller canvas mounted inside contains broken pieces of pottery, buttons, bits and pieces of rusty wire – free treasures picked up and pocketed from the ground around tables on my flea market selling days – once I aged the piece with inks and sealed it with gel medium, the smaller canvas was mounted on the bigger (I love layers) and other bits and pieces were added around the open area of the larger canvas.  The canvas was then attached to the frame back giving it a shadowbox effect and I used gel medium to adhere torn pieces of the same scrapbook pages around the back and sides, overlapping onto the front of the piece.  I was trying to give the effect of someone breaking through an old wall in an old house and finding the things inside.


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