This piece, entitled "Vanishing" was inspired by the documentary film "The Vanishing Bees" and is centered around my original photograph of a bee collecting pollen.

I created it on an 8" x 8" wood artist board, with a one inch cradle that allows the piece to be displayed without a frame.

The background texture was achieved using acrylic molding paste, actual honeycomb as a stamp, inkjet transfers for the more detailed honeycomb sections and resin to add detail.

Colors were added using alcohol and distress inks, as well as acrylic washes. The paper flowers are made fom a wash-resist paper which had the flower design already imprinted on the paper.

I added a crackle effect to the photo and stained it with ink to give it an aged look. Several coats of varnish gives it a faded look to add to the illusion of  vanishing.

The lettering was done using an inkjet printout with a font called Australian Sunrise. I raised the letters using resin and stained it using ink.


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