Victoria and Albert Collage, decoupage, Assemblage Mannequin

This is a mannequin, polystyrene. It has been covered in Victorian sheet music, Victorian Newspaper adverts and graphics. Elements of Jewelry, Lace Doilies and other found objects tell the story of Queen Victoria and Albert.

The adverts show what people were buying and using, the pictures show people, places and events of the time. The mannequin stand is wood and has been decorated with acrylic paints and vintage sheet music. All the Victorian images and sheet music are genuine no copies were used. Some date back to 1850's so real antique ephemera. All the items have been hand cut using a very small pair of embroidery scissors.

This item was put up for sale in a book shop and art gallery and sold in 3 days.  Items have been sourced from auctions, yard sales, thrift shops and a life time of collecting.


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