Visual Journalism 101 Techniques in a Strathmore Watercolor Art Journal

This is a demo video using some basic 'Visual Journalism 101' Techniques  from one of my online workshops that I did for Strathmore Paper Co in their new line of Art Journals. Using collage, paint, stamps, journaling, doodling, shading and highlighting, it's easy to create fun and interesting journal pages.The journals can be found here


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15 thoughts on “Visual Journalism 101 Techniques in a Strathmore Watercolor Art Journal

  1. I’m new to the collage art.  So I learned a lot that I could incorporate in my work.  Layers!  Also the layout of your presentation, with the completed piece on the right, and then showing the progression of collage work.  Thanks.

  2. great video..looking forward to starting and keep going with an art journal for thanks for the help this video provides..loooking forward to the workshops too

  3.  I loved this…I need advice on the proper medium to use in collaging old watercolor paintings , adding additional leaves in a large rose “collage painting” ..without losing or smearing the origional work, as I have several beautifully rendered roses,  but messed a few up, so would like to salvage the good parts and even enlarge it into a larger work. It was origionaly painted in WC on a block of WC Arches paper. I have had so many compliments on three of the origional roses, so I would really like to learn how to do it, without ruining what I want to save out of that painting. ( Too bad I used 140 lb. instead of 300 lb. which could probably be scrubbed and thus save the first painting.)   You make it look like fun.  Thanks, Evelyn

  4. Evelyn a couple of things come to mind for using watercolor paper in collage. First I’d scan them and that allows you to print the images and use the prints for collage. You can resize them that way too. Second if you want to collage on top of the original work, I’d apply a thin coat of Mixed Media Adhesive with a sponge brush going in one direction and only making on pass over the work, you don’t want to reactivate the watercolor by over working on top of it. Let this dry and it will both prep and seal the surface for whatever you want to do for your next layers, including adding more water soluble media on top. Hope this helps



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