Work and Crafts station

I work from home and my space accommodates both work and my paper crafts. My space needs to stay clean and neat.

The desk was made from the tops of two bookcases. My husband cut them down to desk height and we made a melamine top that spans both bookcase tops. We put sliders on the bottom of the bookcases so that I can slide the desk out when my friends come over to play. Because we already had the bookcases, the only real cost was the top, the sliders and a black plastic cover for the hole in the desk used to run the wires to my electronic devices (computer, backup drive, and CD player).

The bookcase shelves provide space for my box collection on one side and my work supplies on the other. Of course my box collection is additional storage.

The shelving and counter top in the background were also built from the same bookcases. These were the bottoms of the two book cases used for the desk. We did not modify them, but only covered then with melamine also. This gives me a large working space. To make them a little prettier, I painted some molding we got from the home improvement store. It had a pretty leaf pattern, so I used the wall color (green on this wall – my space has two yellow walls and two green walls) to color the leaves.

All-in-all, what we had spec'd out to be about a three-to-four thousand dollar project (desk and wall storage), only cost us about $300. Now that is what I call upcycling.


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