yellow and orange abstract encaustic art

i love to make my work personal by including drawing by my own hand or photographs taken by me or my husband… in this case, both! i started with four 6"x6" blocks of wood to which i collaged some abstract photos that i first altered in photoshop to really bring out those yellows and oranges (three of the photos in this set are actually of me!). then i added a couple of layers of beeswax before drawing into the cool wax with an incising tool. my husband is a math teacher, so i thought it apropos that i include a math diagram (something to do with the theory behind the shape of a sphere). after incising the lines, i rubbed black oil paint into the crevices and into all the little "imperfections" in the wax (that i love! so much texture!) black paint was also added to the edges of each piece to sort of give it that "through the viewfinder" feel. the finished set measures 12"x12" when hung touching each other, but they could be hung farther apart for a different look as well.


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