"Zen Spring Origami Bra"

My "Zen Spring"  Bra is created from found Salvation Army glitter paper, recycled origami paper scraps, craft glue from JoAnns Crafts of Victorville CA.and stickers from Micheals craft store in Victorville CA.

I was very inspired by this challenge in a strange way!  While neither I nor anyone I know has been directly touched I wanted to make a bra that expressed the strenght of pink in a meditative way so I chose delicate Origami  papers and hung my finished bra across pink spring blossoms. I have always looked upon the women that face down and counquer this thief as possesing  warrior like spirits while at the same time emboding a zen like way about themselves, and thier often life changing situations . Thankyou for letting me share and  I hope you enjoy  this small tribute .


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