If you’re one of those printmaking artists who loves working on new printmaking techniques, Cloth Paper Scissors has the perfect resources just for you! Printmaking can be the focal piece of your art, or it can be a decorative background that helps liven-up a piece of art. Learn more with these articles.

Technique Tuesdays: Gel-Plate Printing

Gel-plate printing has taken the mixed-media world by storm. Ready-made silicone plates make it incredibly easy to create monoprints with paint, stencils, stamps, and more. A little practice is all it takes to become a pro at printing on gel plates, which can also be made from scratch. Use the following techniques to add unique touches to your…

Hand printed papers

Studio Saturdays: Printmaking with found objects

Having a stash of printed papers and fabrics ready to go when the creative muse strikes is like having money in the bank. Instead of spending a lot of time making one background or pattern for an art journal page or collage, I just reach into my stash, and away I go. I love printing…

Mixed-media art by Sue Pelletier |

Paint What You Love and Love What You Paint

You may already know of Sue Pelletier’s distinct and personal mixed-media art from her book, Collage Paint Draw, which I’ve featured here previously. The book includes step-by-step lessons for beginners, including this simple demo on how to create an image transfer using packing tape (below). I’m bringing this title to your attention today because if you…