Free Relief Printing eBook: Relief, Lino & Block Printing Techniques

One of the oldest methods of printing is now one of the hottest, and you can learn how to do it. Carving your own blocks for relief printing is fun, and a surefire way of making your art imagery unique.

In this free eBook we’ll help you learn how to make a block print. Discover carving blocks and linoleum cutting tools; safety measures; and how to choose the right tool for the design you’re cutting. You’ll also learn about paints and inks for relief printing, including how much you need and how to use a brayer to apply it. In addition, our experts will explain how to create a design and transfer it to your block, plus how to prepare images and tips for adding color to your relief prints.


Download this free eBook of relief + block printing techniques.

From stamp carving to using photos as inspiration, learn what is block printing with this free eBook.
Join three printing pros in an exploration of the relief printing process.

Each article will help you explore yet another way to make prints, from utilizing the techniques of linoleum printing, to carving stamps. Grab this free eBook to get started.

Download Tutorial: Printmaking in 3-D, Creative Blocks of Wood

Printmaking in 3-D: Article #1

Creative Blocks of Wood by Lisa Kesler

When a friend offered Lisa some scrap lumber, she immediately envisioned simple house shapes. She then imagined using her sketches and experiences with the relief printing process to "decorate" the surface of the wooden house shapes. Lisa fell in love with printing in 3-D, and you will, too.

Reduction Printing: Printing Back to Front, Color by Color

Reduction Printing: Article #2

Printing Back to Front, Color by Color by Lisa Thorpe

Examples of reduction printing can be found in the art of China and Japan, and artists such as Picasso dabbled in the process as well. Traditionally these prints were made by making a woodcut. The process Lisa shares here uses a soft eraser-like material.

Making Stamps for Relief Printing: Picture Perfect, Carving Stamps from Photos

Making Stamps for Relief Printing: Article #3

Picture Perfect, Carving Stamps from Photos by Audrey Fisher

Looking for a new way to turn your photos into art? Photos can provide instant inspiration when you are looking for an image to use for linoleum printing or carving a rubber stamp. Audrey shows you how to take that inspiration and turn it into handmade stamps for relief printing.

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Discover how three experts explore the relief printing process.