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Mixed media collage

Natural papers, ecoprint (printed with leaves and flowers), rusty metal ring. An unique collage created with different natural papers, an ecoprint (printed with leaves and flowers) and a rusty metal ring. The different collage pieces and natural materials make it an unique mixed media piece. The collage is attached to watercolor paper 400grs. Collage  

Small Weaving

Wax paper, embroidery floss, wood & glass beads, nylon thread, silk I used a wooden frame to wind the warp–with the nylon thread.  I created woven strips on the warp with plain weave.  To join the strips, after weaving was completed, I used embroidery floss and green wood beads.  To finish I wrapped 4 warp…

Alcohol Ink Painting

Alcohol inks, canned air, clear krylon acrylic glaze in can, alcohol blender solution,ceramic tiles, paintbrushes and prismacolor markers.   Also, 91% isprophyl alcohol for cleaning hands and brushes. This is an alcohol ink project on white ceramic tiles. First complete the background with inks and canned air.  Then use a blender pen prismacolor pen to draw the…

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Beads, plastic, acrylic paint, wood frame I enjoyed creating a small collage within the purchased frame, then glued fuzzy beads to the frame itself. Have fun!  

Prayer Flag

Felt, plastic, cotton embroidery thread, cotton fabric I sewed this prayer flag for a friend who LOVES flamingoes. Have fun and enjoy creating quirky combinations.  

Calligraphic Storm

Canvas Board, Acrylic Paint, Matte Gel, Ground, Tools:  Deli Paper, Skewers, brushes, toothbrush “Special Effects” by Sandra Duran Wilson inspired me to try her technique. I was disappointed with my results, but found a way to make sunshine from a piece that might have been shoved into the wastebasket. I like to paint as well…