1850s Gold Miner Attire

I created a pair of original Levi Strauss work pants, complete with suspenders, cinch back, and copper rivets at stress points. There were no belt loops; if the suspenders and cinch-back didn't assure a good fit, miners wore a length of rope around their waists!  The distinctive stitching on the back pocket was called a 'seagull' and was patented by Strauss.

Note: the crotch rivet was discontinued after miners reported 'discomfort' while squatting around the campfire at night.


The matching 'butternut' work shirt compares with those worn up to and during the Civil War. It had no buttons but could be closed by tying a bandanna around the neck.


Materials used: denim scrapbook paper, recycled packing paper, cream linen paper, recycled clip art, craft brads, jewelry findings and acrylic paint.


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