1950's French Fashion Mixed Media Collage

image size 8 x 6 framed and mounted.

Base paper 190gsm watercolor. Lay tissue paper on the watercolor paper, randomly, the colored stuff that bleeds, wet and press with another sheet of the same paper. That way you get two, sometimes more colored papers to work with.

Using dressmakers tissue paper from an old pattern, cover and adhere with medium of choice. Make sure you get some nice creases and make use of the printing on the tissue paper. Allow to dry.

Make a glaze with two colors of acrylic I used blue and red. Dribble and paint this randomly over the dried collage. Allow to dry.

Now find your images, cut out and adhere with medium, paint over with Clear Tar Gel when dry. This fills in the ridge around the image.

Now dry really well. Then using a Sharpie or other permanent pen draw round the edge of the image and highlight some aspects. Finish with a matt varnish.


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