A Little Me – River Stone

Finding a way to show others who you are is difficult. The finished work is different than I originally envisioned, but I had fun creating this piece.

No one ever imagines that the “unthinkable” will happen to them. And when it does… you're rarely prepared. The past year has been devastating. Some days are unbearable… sometimes I feel broken beyond repair. I cry a lot. I pray a lot. I create a lot.

In this piece I incorporated a turpentine photo to fabric transfer, fabric, paper, tulle, watercolor, acrylic, both machine and free hand stitching, yarn, ink and nail polish. The salmon colored fabric was cut from a blanket, frayed and coming apart (not unlike me), the metallic machine stitches are irregular and insecure (much like how I feel), the green stitches represent the hope that a better future lies ahead. I've always been a fan of color and now, more than ever, I try to surround myself with bright, cheerful colors, so the background is just that. My hat, like those I make for a living, is colorful, joyful…full of life (the way I was before, and hope to be again someday!) Between my Faith and the welcome escape I find in hooking hats (up to 60/month), I'm hanging on, though some days only by a thread… I am still here.


Feedback and prayers are always welcome! 


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