Alcohol Ink 5×7 Title Mama and Baby Owl



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About Francine Mongeon

I Play and work hard to make people smile! To shock them, I made a series of monocrome painting with my own blood. thats was exciting! I play with paint, concrete, clay, alcohol inks, wood, raku, stain glass, journaling felting, jewelry, Papier Maché Life size sculptures, anything I can put my hands on! Art is the power behind what keeps me alive and sain! I actually did Body Painting for a perfume company, Painting male models. let me tell you girls, that was fun! Now the serious stuff! Art teacher of 18 years, teaching wood shop, concrete,creative art therapy and multimedia. I am a certified teacher for the Paverpol company. International artist, creator of Twisted Elegance Jewelry, one of the Founder of the Canadian Doll Art Association. I have some of my sculptures on book covers. Awarded two art diplomas in sculpting from Russia. One Sculptures in the museum of Nizhny Tagil,Russia. Studied at the Ottawa school of art in mold making and sculpture. courses of all sorts like Raku, jewelry, painting etc... Owner of Ponds View Studio in Ottawa, Canada. Owner of the Twisted Elegance Jewelry Company. My art was on TV, News Papers, Books, and talk about on Radio. This is just a small part of who I am, I love life, and live it to the fullest! Francine Mongeon

One thought on “Alcohol Ink 5×7 Title Mama and Baby Owl

  1. Like your painting, that’s what i like about abstract painting thinking outside the box. I purchased some alcohol inks at
    Christmas, can’t wait to try them. Good combination of colors and I’m into owls.


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