Ali the Angel Assemblage Art

Ali is all about hospitality. She believes in being kind to everyone.  Her favorite colors are deep red and teal and she just loves her little crown with it's mix of pearls and rhinestones.  Her wings look a bit like fairy wings and she has a dress fashioned from an old tea bag.  She loves to reuse and recycle but above all else to share what she has without anyone knowing who she is.  Her inner beauty is what gives her away though. She loves her little butterfly friends who encourage and inspire her. Her favorite quote on the painting with her is "The stranger you are kind to might just be an angel in disguise".

This is a one of a kind original piece of mixed media art by Cherry Fargo is a collection of scraps of patterned papers, sheet music , paint and found objects.  It measures 8" wide by 11&1/2" tall.

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