An Embroidery ‘The Size of Belgium’

I created this for my very good Belgian Friends who are now living in the states near Boston. 'The size of Belgium' is a fairly commonly used unit of measurement – do a web search, you will be amazed! – a fact which is the cause of alot of banter & hilarity between us.

Belgium itself is created using freeform canvas work – the rivers were added using laid on & couched down dyed lambs wool. The major cities are marked using red glass beads.

The background canvas was painted using 'Brusho' & further embellished using stitch. Images and text were printed onto cotton fabric using an inkjet printer & then appied to the work using 'Bondaweb' and secured with more stitching.

The whole thing was then stretched over an artists canvas.

I am very pleased with the overall result & they were delighted with their gift.


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