Annie Kerr’s DisCo bundle

I made my bundle in February 09.  My bundle adventures were posted on my blog ink haven where you can see more images and read the adventure. The bundle contained – handmade papers, rusty metal found on the beach, tea bags, silk waste, pieces of copper, rafia and copper wire. I wrapped all of these in blue paper and hung it in the rosemary bush at my allotment plot on the edge of town, where I grow fruit and vegetables. I was worried that it would get blown away or that the gang of crows who hang around there would like the challenge of wrecking it. 

However, in May, despite a hot Spring and few downpours, the bundle was still there, crisply dry.

The changes weren't as dramatic as I hoped, but they provided lots of inspiration over the Summer. The wrapper had become lined by the wires that wrapped it and these shapes inspired drawings and paintings and also a piece of writing. One of the tea bags was gorgeous just as it reappeared and I collaged some of the other materials onto a canvas that I left out in the rain to take on some weathering.

It was a great project to be part of.


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