Art Journal 3

This is the third in a group of books (and other structures) that is part of a round-robin journal group. This is the book I started, so I did the first spread. I used a book that was printed in 1897. Why was it called "Ideal" Fairy Tales?  Is  there such a thing as an Un-Ideal Fairy Tale? Voila!  I had my theme! This spread is about perfection both self-imposed and expected.

The text snips come from the pages that I cut out from the book when preparing it for altering. Imagine my surprise when they rearranged themselves into a whole new story! The caption under the illustration at bottom right says "Their feet were much too large." I know it is difficult to see. Not the best photographer, sorry!

 As I have said in the captions of the other art journals i've posted: I'm a member of a round-robin art-journal group, where we each generate a book or other type of structure, send it around the world a few times, and when it trundles back to its originator, it's lovingly treasured.

The themes of  the journals, loosely so far, concern the journey to artistic  and personal maturity (such as it is), with lessons learned, questions of identity grappled with, mistakes made, acts of  courage, wisdom gained and lost, triumphs achieved, and so on.


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