Be the Star in Your Life

This art journal page was inspired by a Dr Phil show I saw a couple of years ago about a seventeen year old girl who was obsessed to be rich and famous and loved and looked up to rich girls like Paris and Nicole Richie. The teenager spent her pay check on make up, accessories and clothes and had no money in her bank account. She said she loved fantasy and reality shows and watch TV alot. Dr. Phil gave her some great advice (I thought) that she could be rich and famous and since she wasn't born into a wealthy family that she would have to work really hard and earn her own money.  And the way to do that was to watch less TV and focus on her school work, which will get her into a better college, a better education and be more hirable later on and earn good money in her career and then she could be who ever she wanted to be.  Some fantastic advice!!!

I used: Acrylic paper, acrylics, images, various markers, water soluble crayons, glitter, stencils and decorative paper.


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