Believing In Yourself Is Your Greatest Source Of Power

12 x 16" Acrylic, papers, markers, on stretched canvas.

Sometimes we all need a little reminder. Geeked

I like to start my backgrounds with multiple colors and from there I just let inspiration and intuition take over. The process is always fun and I never know what will come out in the end. I love being in that moment of flow with no expectations of the outcome. 

I have come to love the process of scraping color across the canvas instead of using a brush – it is so much fun! 


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About Denise Baldwin

I am a mixed media artist and I work in many mediums. My current favorites are jewelry, painting, and sculpting. I make glass beads, sculpt pmc & polymer, play with found objects, create recycled art, and generally just have a good time making art.

Cloth Paper Scissors was an exciting find for me and I am blown away by the community that they have here! I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.



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