ChristmasRose Runway

Enjoying the January/February 2012 issue of Cloth Paper scissors Mixed Media Walks The Runway, the contest sponsored by the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA).

Asked the question:  What would you create for a challenge like this?

I would create a 'CHRISTMAS Dress RUNWAY…

"Simplistic" and/or an "Intriguing Style"

I choose "Simplistic" no needle work used, only tying neck element into rose blossom

This picture of Christmas Rose Runway is the bodice of 'Christmas Dress…rose blossom


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About Bethanne

Published author of poetry, published Art magazines and creative choices of the Arts in newspapers. Europe's oldest city in 'Trier Germany to the Inspiration of San Francisco and the California mountains, beaches and deserts...Provence France to Naples Italy on into Rupert Spain...places to live, love and inspire.


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