Claramae was so fun to make!You can read about her name and the techniques I used, on my blog – or I've included a synopsis below. If you would like to use the pattern I made, please email me and I'll be happy to share it with you. My blog also contains more photos.

I colored and doodled on muslin with permanent markers, then dripped, drizzled, dropped, sprayed, flung, flicked, and poured isopropyl alcohol all over the colored muslin. Then I rubbed the fabric together to spread the ink around a little more, before dabbing the fabric with paper towels.

I did all this alcohol flinging on top of some white card stock, so it would catch the excess color. These extra pages turned out really well – and I now have some neat background paper for another project. I also saved the paper towels I used to rub, dab, and blot the excess alcohol (they were soaked with color).

I drew a pattern on card stock, traced it onto my newly decorated fabric, cut it out, and sewed it together. I'm not well versed in sewing (at all!) so this was an experiment in several ways. Smile I filled her with stuffing, added the fibers for her hair, then used an untra-fine marker to draw on her face. One eye is made with vintage findings. I wanted her to have a more "tribal" look and I wasn't satisfied…so I used a pen to tattoo her. Claramae is darker in real life, and she is reversible – plain on one side, "dolled up" on the other.



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