Clown Assemblage

By Deborah A. Pierro – For his head, hair, nose, and shoes I used Crayola Model Magic, a modeling material that can be air dried.  I used recycled wooden pieces from an old shadow box that I bought in a thrift shop. I painted them with acrylic paint and covered everything–including the face, hair and shoes–with Mod podge. And … I used super glue to adhere everything together, even to adhere the paper clips into their holes for the arms. For the hat, I glued a large sequin and a rubber whatchamacallit together and stuck a fake flower out of the top. I used markers to paint the face, and a piece of wire ribbon for the part of the costume that goes around the clown's neck.

I may change the arms to pipe cleaners. If I do, I'll replace the photo. The stand was something that I recycled from who-knows-where.


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