Collage Image Transfer Trials

Really art is not all about the perfect finished item. You have to test stuff out first. So I thought you would like to see my tests of Glossy Photo Paper and Heavy Structure Gel. I used Winsor & Newton one but there are others out there.

Print an image onto Glossy Photo Paper – Matt does not work so well for my purposes.

Image left stuck onto wet collage

Image  right stuck onto dry collage

Image middle stuck onto dry tissue on top of collage. Note artist mistake here put phot paper in wrong side up:-)

You have to then wait and let dry 24 hours at least. Again impatient artist – tried to remove backing to soon.

Scrub with damp cloth, fingers and more water until all the backing is off. then you should have a good image.

For this trial I cut around my images to give a clean edge.




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