Connections – A paper art creation

paperMade from folded books, handmade paper, thread, gold leaf, and passion. 

The connections between us may appear tenuous, however, our shared words, experience, vision and ultimate mortality, provides the foundation to connect all. 

 The many conversations we have, and a sense of shared history, purpose and mortality, are the basis of community and connection.  Any community, whether based on geography, race, belief, interest or experience,  only truly exists through the connections and conversations between its members.   

 Our words, and a sense of history, is represented by the books.  Multi-layered, building patterns and developing strength, but with no two pages the same. No story or experience exactly the same as another. 

 Though our different but similar experience, connections grow.  Conversations start, thoughts are provoked, beliefs are challenged and strengthened.   Thin red threads link conversations and experiences. These threads may break, be moved, or just grow in number.  As more connections develop, the web of support grows.

 Occasionally, true illumination occurs (represented by the gold leaf) – the spark for further growth.



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